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About Our Eye Doctor in Greer

Whether you need a routine eye exam, a new pair of eyeglasses, a referral for LASIK, a set of hard to fit contacts, or any other eye care related service or product, you can get it right here with your eye doctor in Greer. Eye exams are the basis of good eye health and care, and it is important to start making a commitment to get eye exams regularly. We are happy to set you up with your initial appointment with us. At your appointment, we discuss any eye care or eye health needs you have. If you are not established with an eye doctor, visit our Greer optometrist and start getting on the right track for getting your eye care needs met. We have a proven track record of excellence in patient care.

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What to Expect at Your Greer Eye Doctor Appointment

When you come in to see us for the first time, we will establish you as a patient and give you a routine eye exam. This exam will test your visual acuity and check you for any eye diseases, or other eye conditions that need to be treated. You will receive the standard vision test and look through different lenses to determine which lens allows you to see more clearly. Using this information, we will be able to tell you if you need glasses or contact lenses and write you a prescription for ones in the strength that will allow you to see at your best, and in the sharpest, clearest way. We can also help you choose lenses and/or fashionable frames right here in our office.

In addition, we will also dilate your eyes and look inside for signs of eye diseases like macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, optic nerve damage, and glaucoma. We also perform a glaucoma test by blowing a small puff of air into each eye to determine the intraocular pressure in each eye. High pressure indicates glaucoma, while normal pressure means there is no issue. It is important to look for these conditions and catch them as early as possible. The sooner they are caught and treated, the more likely it is that we can successfully treat or manage them, and the more of your good vision we will be able to preserve.

Contact Our Eye Doctor in Greer Today!

Contact us today to make your first appointment with us. You will be glad you made this extremely important decision. It is the best thing you can do for your eyes and your good, clear, sharp vision. We are looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Blue Ridge Vision family. Contact us today. Don't wait! Call us at 864-877-3031.

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