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Posted on 08-07-2017

Does Your Child Need Glasses? Your Greer Optometrist Is Here To Help

Child with Glasses

Are your child’s eyes healthy? As a parent, you can never be too sure. You’ve noticed your child squinting here and there, and it’s starting to worry you.

Rather than take your child’s word for it that their vision is fine, go to a Greer eye doctor instead. With their pediatric vision care, including eye exams for infants to children, your child will be able to see better than ever before.

Here are some signs you should schedule an appointment with an eye doctor as soon as possible.

Signs Your Child Needs Glasses

  • Your child suffers many brow aches and headaches. By squinting and straining extra hard, they will inadvertently give themselves these headaches.
  • They have a sensitivity to light as caused by strabismus or crossed eyes. Some patients, especially children, tend to report headaches after exposure to incandescent lights, fluorescent lights, and even sunlight.
  • Your child tracks their reading with their finger. Whether they read to themselves or aloud, this behavior occurs. With amblyopia, text tends to look bunched together, which may explain this behavior. This isn’t always an indicator of vision troubles, though.
  • There’s frequent eye rubbing, which could be caused by conjunctivitis or eye fatigue.
  • Your child watches TV inches from the television in an attempt to overcorrect vision problems. Since they can’t see fine details from far away, they get in as close as they can.
  • You often notice your child cocking their head, and always to the same side. They may be trying to correct their lazy eye or strabismus.
  • There’s also lots of squinting, especially when reading or watching television.

About Blue Ridge Vision, Your Greer Eye Doctor

If you think your child needs glasses, bring them into Blue Ridge Vision, your Greer eye doctor. We have a wide selection of frames for children to choose from. Our other services are sunglasses fittings, hard-to-fit contact fittings, LASIK, sports vision treatment, and computer vision treatment.

To schedule an appointment today, call us at 864-877-3031, visit our website, or come see us at Blue Ridge Vision at 312 Memorial Drive.


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