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Posted on 08-29-2017

Your Optometrists in Greer Provide Eye Care for Color Deficiency

Color deficiency (color blindness) is an inherited visual disorder involving abnormal photopigments found in retinal cone cells. Multiple genes are necessary for the development of photopigments and just one defective gene could cause color deficiency vision. While most people are born with color blindness, it can occur later in life due to chemical or physical damage to the retina, optic nerve or the area of the brain where color information is processed. In addition, aging, cataracts, macular degeneration and other eye problems may reduce a person's ability to see colors correctly and clearly. To diagnose the most common form of color blindness--red-green color blindness--in older children and adults, your optometrists in Greer will administer the Ishihara Color Test.

color test chart

Red-Green Color Blindness

People with color deficiency affecting red or green cones see yellows, reds and oranges in various shades of green. This kind of color blindness is usually mild and rarely interferes with quality of life. In some cases, red-green blindness may make it harder to distinguish blue colors from violet colors as well.

Blue-Yellow Color Blindness

Less commonly diagnosed by your optometrists in Greer is blue-yellow color deficiency. When people with this type of color blindness look at blues, they see greens. It may also be difficult to distinguish reds and yellows from pink. If someone lacks blue cones in the retina, they may think yellows are light gray or violet.

Eye Care for Color Deficiency

Although color blindness cannot be reversed, contact lenses or eyeglasses are available that may improve a person's ability to differentiate certain colors from other colors. The majority of people with color deficiency find inventive ways to adjust to this vision disorder without much difficulty. The only time color blindness may prove to be an inconvenience is in the case of electricians, painters, chefs or interior/fashion designers who rely on their ability to distinguish colors correctly to perform their job.

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