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Posted on 02-15-2017

Get Eyeglasses with the Help of Our Greer Optometrist!

Are you new to wearing eyeglasses? If your vision is blurry or you otherwise have difficulty seeing, you know that now it is time to come in to see your Greer optometrist for an examination. 

Man wearing eyeglasses

Some patients visit their eye doctor in Greer because they don’t want to wear contact lenses anymore and want to try glasses. Regardless of your reason, our warm and caring staff of optometry professionals will be glad to consult with you and examine your eyes for a new eyeglasses prescription.

Getting New Glasses from Your Greer Eye Doctor

Before picking out new eyeglasses, your Greer eye doctor will need to examine you. If you’ve never had your vision tested in a professional eye care setting, you should know that it is a simple process. 

You’ll read a series of characters from the chart to determine how strong your eyesight is and what kind of correction you need. Your optometrist in Greer will then try different lens prescriptions until what you see is clear and easy to read.

Frame Selection

Selecting frames is easy when you have the help of a professional eye doctor in Greer. Options to consider include the color of the frames, what they’re made of and their shape. 

The shape of your face will influence eyeglasses selection. For example, patients with a round face will want to avoid round frames and instead opt for narrow frames. If your face is more square shaped, curved frames provide a nice contrast. People who have a diamond shaped face often wear rimless glasses or glasses that are shaped like cat eyes to better highlight their cheekbones.

Make an Appointment with Your Optometrist in Greer SC to Get New Glasses Today

At Blue Ridge Vision, our team is devoted to helping each patient get the optimal eyeglasses to help them see better as well as look their best. From selecting stylish frames to deciding if you want UV protection for your glasses, we will be happy to answer all your questions in a stress-free environment where you will not be rushed. 

For more information about coming in for an examination or to make an appointment for consulting with us about eyeglasses selection, we invite you to contact Blue Ridge Vision in Greer SC at today.

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