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Computer Vision Treatment From Our Eye Doctor in Greer

For better or worse, it seems that much our everyday lives is spent in front of computer monitors and mobile device screens. These technologies may have vastly improved our productivity, but they also pose some troubling eye care challenges -- most obviously, and uncomfortably, in the form of computer vision syndrome (CVS). This combination of symptoms can impair your vision, reduce your quality of life and even threaten your long-term ocular health. The good news is that our eye doctor in Greer, Dr. Johnson, can help you overcome this vexing modern-day health hazard.

Dry Eyes, Muscular Strain, Blue Light Exposure and Other Problems

Staring at the LED monitor of an electronic device for hours at a time can have some disturbing effects on the eyes and body. For one thing, our eyes don't blink anywhere near as frequently as they should, allowing the protective tear film on the front of the eye to dry out. The glare from the screen can irritate the eyes, while the constant effort to maintain clear near focus may produce eye strain and fatigue (especially if you already have presbyopia). Muscular strain can also plague your neck and shoulder muscles, especially if you're subjecting yourself to "text neck" by drooping your head to view an electronic device. This adds neck pain, shoulder stiffness and tension headaches to your list of CVS woes.

But there's another danger you need to address, in the form of high-energy visible (HEV) light. This range of blue light is generated by LED screens -- and it has been associated with sight-robbing retinal diseases such as macular degeneration. Even if you experience no eye discomfort from your electronic device usage, you need to address this threat if you spend lots of time on such devices.

How Our Greer Optometrist Provides CVS Relief

Blue Ridge Vision can help you put the irritation and worries of CVS behind you. Our Greer optometrist will discuss your daily usage of electronic devices with you while evaluating your symptoms, visual acuity and ocular health. This enables us to recommend treatment options and eye care practices such as:

  • Anti-glare coatings that can reduce the amount of irritating glare reaching your eyes
  • Clear or tinted lens filters that block out potentially dangerous and irritating blue light
  • Strategies such as dimming your screen brightness, raising ambient light levels or placing a filter over your screen
  • Adding more breaks to your work routine so your eyes can de-focus and replenish their moisture
  • Ergonomic measures to help you steer clear of "text neck"

Suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome? Call Our Greer Eye Doctor 

Computer vision syndrome will threaten computer user's eyes and comfort as long as electronic devices continue to sport display screens. But even if you can't avoid this technology altogether, you can still avoid CVS. Call Blue Ridge Vision at 864-877-3031 to schedule an appointment with our Greer eye doctor!

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