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Eye Exam Questions Answered by Our Optometrist in Greer

If you've never had an eye exam at Blue Ridge Vision, you may not know what to expect. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions on the subject from our optometrist in Greer, Dr. Gordon Johnson.

Do you need an eye exam and wonder what it entails? See some of the eye exam FAQs answered by our Greer optometrist. Contact us today to schedule your exam!

Frequently Asked Questions Received by our Greer Optometrist:

  • When is it time to schedule an eye exam? If you are experiencing changes in your vision, eye comfort or eye appearance, you would be wise to schedule an eye exam in Greer as soon as possible. Most adults should schedule an eye exam every year, even if they're experiencing no obvious eye or vision issues.

  • How early do my children need to start having eye exams? Children should receive an initial eye exam at 6 months, with additional eye exams at 3 years and 5-6 years of age. Our Greer eye doctor needs to make certain that any eye diseases or eye function problems are corrected early in life to allow for normal visual and learning development.

  • Why are frequent eye exams so important? Some of the most devastating eye diseases don't alert you to their presence until extensive permanent damage has already occurred. Frequent eye exams let us detect these problems early enough that that they can be managed, saving your remaining eyesight.

  • How do you check for eye diseases? We use specialized tools to look inside the eye and examine the retina, optic nerve and blood vessels. Tonometry tells us whether you have elevated eye pressure, a red flag for possible glaucoma. Slit lamp testing employs a bright light to help us examine the cornea, lens and other structures.

  • Why do you dilate my pupils? Pupil dilation may be a temporary annoyance, but it's also crucial for allowing us to get a better view inside the eye. The more dilated the pupil, the more of the retinal area is visible to our Greer optometrist.

  • How do you evaluate eye function? Our optometrist in Greer may ask you to track an object with your eyes, for instance, or inform us when an object enters your peripheral vision. We can also test your focus, depth perception, color sense and other functions.

  • What is a vision exam like? In a typical vision exam, you will be asked to read lines of text, in order of descending size, on a Snellen eye chart (the one with the big "E" on top.) If you have trouble seeing a particular line clearly, it indicates a possible refractive error.

  • What if I have trouble reading part of the eye chart? Our Greer eye doctor will have you look through an instrument called a phoropter, swapping out different lens combinations until you're seeing all the lines as clearly as possible. This gives us your prescription for corrective lenses.

Schedule an Eye Exam in Greer Today

Now that you understand the value of an eye exam in Greer, why not schedule one today? Call 864-877-3031 for an appointment with our Greer optometrist!

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