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Our Optometrist in Greer Offers Eye Exams for Your Kids

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Your children are your greatest treasure, and your children's eyesight is one of their greatest treasures. But the elaborate combination of ocular health, function, growth, development and self-training necessary for clear vision does not always come together perfectly well on its own. The sooner our optometrist in Greer, Dr. Gordon Johnson, can detect any problems, the sooner he can provide corrective treatment to ensure the best possible start for young eyes. That's why Blue Ridge Vision is proud to offer eye exams for your kids, from infancy through the school years.

Newborns don't emerge from the womb with good vision, mainly because their brains haven't learned how to work in concert with their eyes yet. Vision actually occurs in the brain as the result of data from the eyes that has been processed and interpreted, and this skill must be learned by doing. But by the time babies are 6 months old, they should be able to see reasonably well -- so this is the ideal time to schedule their pediatric eye exam in Greer. Our Greer optometrist can examine the eyes for signs of physical or functional abnormalities such as exotropia (outward-pointing eyes), esotropia (inward-pointing eyes) or eye coordination problems when tracking a moving object.

When Should Children’s Eye Exams happen with our Greer Optometrist?

The next critical children's eye exam should occur at the age of 3. By this age our Greer optometrist can communicate with your child, which helps us evaluate more sophisticated functions such as depth perception, hand to eye coordination and color perception. Many functional issues can be corrected at this early stage through vision therapy techniques such as eye patching, which can restore balance to cases of abnormal eye dominance (amblyopia). Our Greer optometrist can also identify refractive errors, even if your child doesn't know his ABCs yet, by using an eye chart populated by shapes instead of letters.

The next children's eye exam is the one that prepares your child to enter school. This is critical because nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism can make reading and writing enormously challenging (and painful, thanks to eye strain and headaches). Poor vision could even cause your child to be misdiagnosed with a learning disorder. We can correct these refractive errors by equipping your child with eyeglasses from our extensive collection of kids' frames. If contacts are preferred, we can also perform the necessary Greer contact lens exam to create perfectly-fitted lenses for both classroom time and athletic pursuits.

Once your child is in school, our Greer eye doctor will generally recommend an eye exam every two years. If a refractive error is present, an annual pediatric eye exam in Greer will help us check and update the corrective lens prescription as needed.

Schedule Your Children's Pediatric Eye Exam or Greer Contact Lens Exam

Call 864-877-3031 to schedule your children's eye exam or contact lens exam. Our Greer eye doctor can help your kids get the most out of their eyes!

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