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Hard to Fit Contacts from Our Optometrist in Greer

Welcome to Blue Ridge Vision where your Greer eye doctor is Dr. Gordon Johnson. If you are trying to find contact lenses, but having difficulties due to eye conditions, we can help. Often times our patients will come to us with eye conditions like astigmatism or dry eyes. These issues cause red flags for your optometrist in Greer SC. Learn more about these types of concerns related to hard to fit contacts.

Have you been told you can't wear contacts because of dry eyes or astigmatism? Call today; our optometrist in Greer who can help with hard to fit contacts

Why Are Contacts Hard to Fit on Some Eyes?

Have you been to a Taylors optometrist and told you would have trouble wearing contact lenses? This happens quite often as eye doctors are unable to get contacts to fit on all eyes. Actually, it’s less about the fit aspect and more about certain eye conditions being irritated when you wear contacts. For individuals with dry eyes your eye shape is fine. Other conditions including Keratoconus and astigmatism make it difficult to wear contact lenses, but for reasons involving shape.

Can I Use Contact Lenses If I Have Keratoconus or an Astigmatism?

Yes, on both accounts but with some limits. If you have Keratoconus your cornea is bulging out like a cone, which causes you to have distorted vision. Contacts are useful for a while after which your glasses will no longer be able to help you see clearly. If you have astigmatism this is another form of curvature to the eye. You can correct an astigmatism using contact lenses. However, you will need to find the correct type of contact, i.e. gas permeable, rigid, soft, extended wear, etc. to counteract your curving cornea. 

What Can I Expect During a Contact Lens Fitting With a Greer Eye Doctor at Blue Ridge Vision?

When you visit your eye doctor in Greer for a contact lens fitting, Dr. Johnson will conduct a comprehensive eye exam. Additionally he will ask you about your medical history. From this point he will have the information he needs to decide which type of contact lens you will need to wear. For people who need hard to fit contacts we typically look at a variety of lenses, such as Toric lenses for correcting astigmatism or gas permeable lenses for those with Keratoconus. By choosing the right type of contact lens for your eye care needs we can make even hard to fit contacts a perfect choice. 

Contact Us Today To Learn More about Hard to Fit Contacts from Our Greer Optometrist

Thank you for considering Blue Ridge Vision as your Greer eye doctor. We are proudly serving the areas of Greer, Taylors, Lyman, Duncan and Greenville, SC. We hope to have answered some of your questions regarding hard to fit contacts. If you would like additional information please give us a call at Blue Ridge Vision. We will answer any questions you have and schedule you an appointment for hard to fit contacts. Dr. Johnson will be excited to meet you and help you start seeing more clearly.

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