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What to Know About LASIK Surgery from a Greer, SC Optometrist

Wearing glasses or contacts has a number of drawbacks ranging from being uncomfortable to the possibility of losing or breaking them when you really need them. However, you can alleviate these issues by undergoing a procedure that's become routine. Before you make the decision, you should educate yourself to see if undergoing LASIK in Greer, SC is right for you.

woman receiving lasik surgery

LASIK Surgery Defined

Laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses (LASIK) is a procedure that reshapes the cornea of your eye using a laser. If you have nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, your eyes don't focus light properly on the retina, giving you blurred vision. During LASIK, your eye surgeon removes corneal tissue to reshape the curvature of your eye, so the light reflects properly. Depending on the issue you have, your surgeon may make your cornea steeper or flatter using the laser beam.   

Most of the time, your eye surgeon creates a flap in your cornea and then raises it to reshape your cornea. However, you might have only a thin flap raised or no lap at all. Your surgeon will discuss the pros and cons and help you determine the best course of action for you. 

Determining Your Eligibility for LASIK Eye Surgery

If you have an eye condition related to age like presbyopia, LASIK might not be for you. You might not be suited for the surgery if you have issues that affect your corneas. Those with eyelid disorders such as cataracts, chronic eye infections, or eye injuries may not be able to have the procedure either. Since LASIK can make your eyes dry, it's not an ideal solution for those who already have dry eyes. The procedure can make your glaucoma worse because it can raise the pressure in your eyes. 

If you visit our optometrist in Greer, he can determine your eligibility by conducting a thorough examination of your eyes. During your appointment, he determines if you have any eye problems that could interfere with the results. He also further educates you about the procedure, so you know what to expect pre and post operation.

How an Optometrist Can Help After LASIK

Even though an eye surgeon performs the procedure and you might not need contacts or glasses any longer, you still need regular examinations after your procedure. A regular examination has the potential to detect any issues early. Additionally, you still need to have your eyes examined for certain eye problems such as glaucoma. And although you may not need glasses or contacts after LASIK, your eyes will continue to change as you age. 

Want To If LASIK Is Right For You? Call Blue Ridge Vision Today!

To schedule a consultation for LASIK eye surgery from an optometrist at Blue Ridge Vision, serving Greer, SC and the surrounding area, contact us today by calling 864-881-2922. 

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