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Greer Optometry Services at Blue Ridge Vision

Here at Blue Ridge Vision, our optometrist in Greer, Dr. Gordon Johnson, wants to provide you and your loved ones with a convenient, trusted resource for all your primary eye and vision care needs for many years to come. That's why our eye clinic offers such a wide range of services ranging from preventative care and eye disease diagnosis and treatment to high-quality corrective lenses.

glasses on top of an eye exam chart in Greer

Our Greer Optometry Services

  • Eye & Vision Exams - Annual or twice-yearly eye and vision exams are the smartest and easiest way to ensure a lifetime of optimal eyesight. Our advanced diagnostic methods enable us to catch such serious issues as macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma in time to provide potentially sight-saving treatment. We also look for eye function problems and evaluate your visual acuity to see whether you can benefit from corrective lenses.
  • Contact Lens Exams - Even if you already have corrective lens prescription for eyeglasses, you also need a separate evaluation for contact lenses. Our optometrist in Greer will counsel you on which of the available lens technologies best suits your condition and lifestyle. We will also measure your eyes in exacting detail and evaluate your tear film.
  • Hard to Fit Contacts - Some conditions such as dry eye syndrome, presbyopia and astigmatism pose special challenges for contact lens wearers. Our optometrist in Greer can prescribe specialized products such as rigid GP lenses, toric lenses, multifocal lenses and hydrogel materials to facilitate comfortable, safe, accurate vision correction.
  • Ortho-K - If you need vision correction but don't want to deal with either everyday lens wear or eye surgery, then Ortho-K (orthokeratology) may be right for you. These special contacts lenses gently correct your corneal curvature during sleep, providing you with days of clear vision at a time.
  • Computer Vision - "Computer vision" refers to the itching, irritation, eye strain and possible macular damage that can result from long hours of starting at a computer monitor or mobile device screen. Our eye clinic can prescribe specialized glasses, lifestyle adjustments and other methods of resolving this problem.
  • Sports Vision - Just because you play sports doesn't mean you can't enjoy optimal vision at the same time. Ask about our sports glasses, contacts and other specialized products.
  • Sunglasses - Everyone should wear sunglasses that offer full protection against UV rays for the eyes and eyelids. Our eye clinic has a variety of fashionable designer sunglasses to choose from.

Schedule Eye and Vision Services with Our Greer Optometrist Today! 

Call 864-877-3031 to schedule an appointment with our Greer optometrist or to learn more about our Greer optometry services. We're your home base for healthy eyes!

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