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Sport Vision Glasses at Blue Ridge Vision in Greer

Sports vision is a part of eye care that improves the speed at which the brain and the body communicate information that is received through vision. This aspect of vision health is important as it is what controls eye-hand coordination, depth perception, and contrast sensitivity. Even if you don't require corrective lenses, you may have vision issues that can hurt your performance. When you come for your sports consultation, we will screen your vision for any deficiencies and work with you to construct an eye exercise plan that can help to improve your performance. In some cases, you may require a more involved treatment plan.

woman using safety vision glasses for her bicycle ride

Whether you are a professional athlete or amateur sports enthusiast, the team at Blue Ridge Vision is here to help you perform at the highest possible level! Our team is dedicated to helping our patients enjoy clear vision throughout their entire lives, and consider sports vision care and training just one part of the comprehensive eyesight care that we provide.

How Can Sports Vision Training Help Improve Your Game?

We can screen your vision to ensure that your hand and eye coordination and other aspects of healthy eyesight that contribute to your athletic performance. The way in which your eyes and brain communicate can have a significant impact on overall sports performance, especially those such as golf, baseball, and tennis where eye and hand coordination are so important. Our team in Greer can work with you to create an exercise regimen that will help you to increase the speed with which your eyes and brain are able to communicate. Depth perception training can help you to move more quickly and accurately, an important skill in most sports, especially those that are ball related. If you want to improve your performance, no matter the sport, we are here to help!

Blue Ridge Vision offers comprehensive vision care that starts with regular eye exams. And don't forget to always follow these eye care tips when you are participating in sports activity:

  • Always wear appropriate eye protection
  • Protect your eyes from sun and UV A and UV B rays
  • Seek immediate optometry care if you experience a collision or are hit in the eye area

Are You Interested in Learning More About How Sports Vision Can Help Improve Your Performance? Call Blue Ridge Vision Today!

Our optometry staff is here to help you perform at an optimum level with sports vision. Call us today at (864) 877-3031 to schedule a consultation and learn more about how this type of eye care can help you. We are conveniently located at 312 Memorial Drive in Greer SC.

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