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Eye Exams at Your Optometrist in Greer SC

With so many routine tasks filling your days as you meet various duties at work, school or home, it’s easy to forget about coming in to see your optometrist in Greer SC for regular eye exams. But you should know that having a professional Taylors optometrist or your preferred Greer eye doctor examine your eyes at least once each year is an essential aspect of routine eye care.

In fact, during eye exams, the optometrist can see early signs of such ailments as high blood pressure, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. Eye doctors are often the first professionals to note emerging ailments before primary care providers see them in patients. This means that your eye doctor can be the first line of defense against diseases while checking and maintaining the quality of your vision.

man getting eye exam

What to Expect During Your Appointment With Your Eye Doctor in Greer

At Blue Ridge Vision, we take pride in fostering a warm and caring environment to put each of our patients at ease. As your eye doctor in Greer, we are known for the thorough eye exams that we provide to each patient under our care.

During your first appointment, the eye doctor will talk with you to learn more about your lifestyle (such as if you are active and prefer contact lenses over glasses) and if you have any current problems with your vision.

Then, it’s time for a comprehensive examination. In addition to checking the quality and strength of your eyesight to see if corrective lenses are required, we will test the inner fluid pressure of your eyes to check for signs of glaucoma. The slit lamp we use to examine your eyes will help us see if there are any indications of cataracts, inflammation of the corneas and other issues.

Even if you’ve never needed glasses or contacts before, it’s important to have your vision tested on a regular basis, typically once per year or at the schedule your eye doctor recommends. You might have nearsightedness, farsightedness or are starting to get blurry vision. 

If it turns out you need vision correction, the eye doctor will be happy to consult with you about getting fitted for glasses or contacts or the potential for corrective LASIK surgery.

Remember to arrange for a ride home after your exam, because the eye drops that we use will temporarily dilate your eyes, making them more sensitive to bright lights.

Make An Eye Care Appointment at Blue Ridge Vision Today

If you can’t remember the last time you came in for a regular eye with your optometrist in Greer SC, chances are good that it’s been more than a year. Patients should always keep in mind that eye exams are essential for maintaining ocular health as well as for catching signs of other diseases before a primary care provider might detect them.

For more information about the eye care services that our warm and caring team provides, or to set an appointment with your Taylors optometrist or Greer eye doctor, please contact Blue Ridge Vision today at 864-877-3031.

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